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"If you're serious about either learning chess or playing a challenging opponent on these platforms, tChess Pro by Tom Kerrigan ... is not only fabulous, but it's the best computer Chess program this reviewer has ever encountered."
- John Martellaro, the Mac Observer (Link)
"Everything works intuitively and is quite simple ... It gives excellent entertainment and educational value." Score: 9/10
- Susan Polgar, first woman Grandmaster
and award-winning chess author (Link)
"As a chess teacher and chess enthusiast, I'm always on the lookout for cool chess tools ... What [tChess Pro] has over the others is its analysis mode. This way I can compare my own thinking with the engine analyzing any given position."
- PE, PE's Chess Cast (iTunes)
Headline: tChess Pro for iPad is very, very good
- Mel Martin, The Unofficial Apple Weblog
Headline: tChess Pro updated with dual core support on the
iPad 2 and more
- Mel Martin, The Unofficial Apple Weblog
"tChess [Pro] would put Bobby Fischer at your side, if he were alive... It has all the same features of desktop chess programs I've battled with and then some." Score: 9/10
- Michael Alexander, AppCraver
"Thanks to tChess Pro, chess players with any skill level can take their game to the next level." Score: 5/5
- iPhone Apps Finder
For those who want a simple and no frills interface but with a fast and powerful chess engine with many standard features, you won't go wrong with Tom Kerrigan's tChess Pro!
- menoob.com
Solid chess apps are few and far between on the iOS, but tChess Pro is one of those rare games that really takes full advantage of the iPad's spacious screen. Whether you're playing against the challenging AI or your friends, tChess Pro gets every knight and rook right.
- Chris Parisi, GamePro.com
tChess Pro gets thumbs up for iPad users!
- chess-coach.net
Chess games may be a dime a dozen ... but t Chess Pro is arguably the best, with its human-like challenge algorithms and ELO rating support ...
- Matt Peckham, TIME magazine
tChess Pro makes reviewing games so convenient that I gave away the small analysis chess set which I formerly used.
- Ken Ho, Boylston Chess Club
Headline: Redmond developer finds new day job in chess games for iPhone
- Eric Engleman, TechFlash.com
Mentioned: Lots of small ways apps can make big money
- Julie Weed, Seattle Times

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  • "Best Board Games" (iPad), tChess Pro, February 2011
  • #2 in "Best Strategy Games" (iPad), tChess Pro, August 2010
  • iPad App Store featured game (top flip view), tChess Pro, July 2010
  • "What We're Playing" (iPad), tChess Pro, July 2010
  • "Made for iOS 4" (iPhone), tChess Pro, June 2010
  • Top 200 grossing iPhone app, tChess Pro, June 2010
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  • Top 50 paid iPad game, tChess Lite and Pro, April 2010
  • Top 100 grossing iPad app, tChess Pro, April 2010
  • #1 in "Best Chess Games," tChess Pro, August 2009
  • "Apple Staff Favorite," Learn Chess, April 2009
  • Top 25 (#2) free Education app, Learn Chess, April 2009
  • Top 25 paid iPhone app, tChess Lite, Nov.-Dec. 2008
  • Top 100 paid iPhone app, tChess Pro, Nov.-Dec. 2008
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