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tChess Pro Extended Opening Library

tChess's standard opening library contains the most common 15,000 opening moves from over 125,000 Grandmaster games.

This provides a balance between small app size and large opening move variety.

Starting with tChess Pro version 1.6, you now have the option to download an extended opening library. The extended library is almost five times the size of the standard library and contains approximately 75,000 moves.

Simply download the following file, copy it to tChess Pro's Documents folder, and restart tChess:    (964 kilobytes)

You can find instructions for accessing tChess's Documents folder on this page.

You can find instructions for restarting tChess on this page.

Once you are done copying and restarting, you can look at the list of opening moves from the initial position. If the new opening library was loaded correctly, the last move in the list will be g4. (Otherwise the last move will be a3.)
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